Lavender Fields Album, “Music Beyond Music”. Stream:

The American Singer and Songwriter, “Lavender Fields” released her debut EP, “Lavender Fields Forever” back in February and She has now come up with her debut album, “Music Beyond Music”.

Well, this album is bit different than what i was expecting. Lavender has learned and practiced classical music alot and she has been attached very much but this album tells a different story.

Yeah, “Music Beyond Music” comes with a compsition of raggae, jazz and pop music but who cares? When we are getting this kinda lovely music. The album consists on 6 tracks. Stream Below.

Stream Lavender Fields’ Debut Album, “Music Beyond Music”:

The Los Angeles Based Singer has already announced to keep the good work going. She is working on her new(second)EP, “Gravitude”. As such, No releasing dates are announced but the new EP is supposed to be released later this year.

Lavender is about to do a tour in the support of her new album which starts from October 7, when she will perfrom at Rigby Mansion in Philadelphia. The tour continues till October 19th. Here you go with the link to more tour details.

Post Author: David Watt