Khalid Songs titled, “Better” and “Seasons”: Listen Now:

The American Singer and Songwriter has not just released a new song, “Better” but has already performed it on a concert in El Paso, Texas.

The new song “Better” is written by “Khalid”, “Charlie Handsome”, “Jamil Chammas”, “Denis Kosiak”, “Tor Erik Hermansen” and “Mikkel Stoleer Eriksen”.

Listen To Khalid’s New Song Better:

This is not it. Khalid has also appeared as a guest in 6Lacks new song, “Seasons”. This new song “seasons” is included in 6Lacks’s already released (released on 14th of september) album, “East Atlanta Love Letter”. “Seasons” was written by “Jakob Rabitsch”, “LUCIANBLOMKAMP”, “Singawd”, “Dave Glass Animals”, “Khalid” and “6LACK”.

Listen to 6Lack and Khalid’s collaboration song, “Seasons”:

Khalid has been releasing many collaboration songs this year and when asked he told media that, “I’m looking forward for the brighter.”

Don’t forget khalid has already released collaborations this year which include “This way” with “H.E.R”, “Don’t Let Me Down” with “sabrina Claudio”, “Youth” with “Shawn Mendes” and “Ocean” with “Martin”.

Post Author: David Watt