John Legend Premieres Political “Penthouse Floor” Music Video

John Legend is one of the few American celebrities that consistently use their power to talk about political and social issues. John has recently used his massive platform to bring some of the boiling issues in America to light. Be it support of Black Lives Matter, Colin Kaepernick and the NFL protests, or the strong opposition of President Donald Trump, he has always been quite outspoken. However, the new thing is “Penthouse Floor” is a combination of ALL OF IT which he released on VEVO.

John Utters A Few Words About Co-Singer Chance

Alongside John, another Chicago rapper known as Chance has also performed with him. Talking to a tabloid, John uttered a few good words about Chance as:

I love Chance, I think he is one of the most exciting new artists that we have right now. I love that he is so active, particularly in Chicago, and doing what he can to uplift his city. I think he is a perfect illustration of someone who has reached rarefied heights that hasn’t forgotten where he has come from and uses his platform to empower other people and shine a light on his community. I was so happy for him to be on the song.

The music video was shot a little while before the US elections but John released it now. As Donald Trump is making more mistakes, John must have thought this is the perfect time to release the video.


Post Author: David Watt