George Ezra Has Shared a Music Video For, “Hold My Girl”. Watch Now:

The English Singer and Songwriter, “George Ezra” premiered his album “Staying at Tamara’s”  back in March this year. The Album gained enough attention in UK and reached to #1 in UK albums chart.

Geroge is now back again by accompanying his song, “Hold My Girl” from the album with an Official Music Video. The track holds the position of the second promotional song from the album Staying at Tamara’s.

Well, George thinks that he has a shared a music video with a new idea and has not done any video shot like this before. He talked to the media about the video and said, “This is a music video unlike any other which I have released in the past”.

The Music Video makes me sad or what? I don’t know. You will see the British Singer sitting on the bed in a room and he starts singing the song. The room then slowly starts to be filled with water. You will see him seeking a moment to hold his girl and trying to make his way out of the room but the water takes the room entirely, in the end.

Watch The Video To George Ezra’s, “Hold My Girl”:

What about the last scene? When He sinks in the water. I am feeling heavy after watching this video.

Post Author: David Watt