Florence and the Machine unveils promo video for “How Big How Blue How Beautiful”

If you haven’t been living under a rock for last few years, you will already be a Florence and the Machine fan. She is now making her comeback and believe it or not it is going to be her era again. If you don’t believe it, just jump at the end and play her new single titled “How Big How Blue How Beautiful”. You can only listen the promo for now but that is enough to make an impression and blow our minds on what is about to come.

Florence and the Machine has already announced her new single “What Kind of Man” which will be released by the Republic Records soon. Now with this new teaser, Florence is already making headlines. The promotional video for her new teaser “How Big How Blue How Beautiful” was released on VEVO on February 10 and has already gathered plenty of momentum in just two days after initial release. The track will be part of her upcoming album, 3rd studio album.

If you listen to “How Big How Blue How Beautiful” you will know that this is merely a promo. There isn’t much singing as she keeps on repeating ‘how big’, ‘how blue’ and ‘how beautiful’ over and over again. Nevertheless it does give you the idea of sound that you can expect in her upcoming album. You will notice the uniqueness of orchestra sound which successfully delivers a minimalist feel that sounds more appropriate with her beautiful vocals.

Watch “How Big How Blue How Beautiful” by Florence and the Machine

Post Author: David Watt