Fifth Harmony Couldn’t Impress in Brazil wihtout Lauren – Watch the Girls Perform at Fun Pop Festival

Fifth Harmony didn’t intend this but it happened for one reason or the other. The band was scheduled to perform in Brazil this week but they went there without Lauren. And you know what? It affected the girls as if Lauren was holding them together as a super girl band. Want to know what really happened? Keep reading.

When Lauren Jauregui went to the airport to leave for Brazil tour, she was asked by the police to step aside for a luggage search. TSA staffers carried on the inspection at the secondary checkout and ended up finding a bag of marijuana. As a result of marijuana found in the bag, Police told Lauren to go to the court to record a statement. She wasn’t arrested and nothing bad happened but it did affect her plans to deliver a solid performance in Brazil. She went missing and so did the strength from the band.

The performance in Brazil was really lacking. It wasn’t what you expect from this killer girl band. Their faces said the trouble they were going through without Lauren and they relied just too much on the backing-track for my liking and definitely a lot of fans didn’t like it either as they showed their disapproval during the performance.

The girls were tired and there was no LAUREN. Definitely, one would expect performances to go bad. But girls should have lifted them up before the concert as there is no place for ‘DONE’ faces in Brazil. People there expect a lot of energy and that’s what they come for to attend music concerts. If you can’t handle it for whatever reasons, its wise to postpone the show. Time you watch the band perform themselves.

Watch Fifth Harmoney (without Lauren) in Brazil

Post Author: David Watt