Watch Ed Sheeran “Castle on the Hill” Music Video

Ed Sheeran has premiered the official music video for his hit single “Castle on the Hill”. The video is about Ed growing up in his hometown of Framlingham, England. It’s where the video is shot.

Fans have waited a long time for “Castle on the Hill” music video. In fact, Ted has given us this new MV after a break of almost a year.

The music video shows Ed Sheeran driving around in his hometown with his friends. But it’s not the grown up Ed that his fans know but the young Ed Sheeran who has started exploring his neighborhood. But that’s not it as he also learns about girls. He enjoys his first kiss as we see it on screen.

While we see Ed Sheeran growing up in the MV, there is also the grown up Sheeran who is driving around the town in his favorite car, singing “Castle on the Hill”. He, as a grown up, knows what these young kids are doing and where they took the wrong turn, into a dark alley of life.

This new track “Castle on the Hill” made to the streaming services last month when Ed Sheeran premiered two new singles together. The other single was titled “Shape of You”. Both these tracks will appear in his upcoming album “Divide”, which will be his third studio album. You can buy this album on March 3rd this year. Now sit back and watch “Castle on the Hill” music video.

Watch “Castle on the Hill” Music Video by Ed Sheeran

Post Author: David Watt