Camila Cabello Reacts to Fifth Harmoney’s Comments and Unfollows The Band on Twitter

Fifth Harmony started it all with their shady comments towards Camila Cabello. The band made these comments when they featured on the Billboard magazine earlier this week. We knew that Camila will react to these shady comments in time by posting a shady GIF on Twitter.

Many fans thought that it would be it. The girls won’t take it to the fight. But I believe, things have already become more complex than many of us thought. Now Camila has done something that has put this rift on fire. She has unfollowed the band on Instagram.

This was bound to happen. I think the way the girls were reacting to each other, they had to split completely. Camila started her solo career but things didn’t stop there with that. Now Camila has also unfollowed the band, which indicates that the girls are no talking to each other anymore.

She didn’t just unfollow the band on Instagram but she also unfollowed individual accounts as well. She is not following Ally, Dinah, Normani, or Lauren anymore. That means they are not connected via the social media now. ┬áConsidering Instagram is the network most used by these celebs, it’s sad to see them separating on the popular network. But anyway, it has happened now and there is nothing we can do to stop it. The last link between our girls has finally broken.

What is next now? I think it’s obvious that the band will unfollow Camila. The girls will also do the same on their individual accounts. I think this will happen in a day or two. If this happens, it will mark the end of every speculation that Camila will someday return to the band. Now it will never happen. It’s a sad day for Fifth Harmony and Camila Cabello fans.

Post Author: David Watt