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Avril Lavigne is planning to release her new album soon

Avril Lavigne recently announced that she will be making her comeback. Now she has confirmed this news by announcing that she has finished working on her album. The Canadian singer made the announcement on social media informing her fans that she has already finished her sixth studio album. Although she didn’t say anything about the release date, we know that the album is coming out this year. I’m sure it will hit store shelves pretty soon so keep coming back here to get the breaking news of her album release date as soon as Avril makes it public.

While talking about her sixth album, she told her fans that the album is in the mixing stage. Once it’s mixed, it will be ready for a release. I think it’s now up to Avril and her label to pick a release date that will not only suit the album but will also help to push the sales. Could it be this Valentine’s Day? Not that soon but you could expect it to land within a few weeks after Avril gives us the lead track and excites her fans by giving a couple of TV performances. That plan sounds perfect to me but I don’t know if Avril is also thinking along the same lines. Only time will tell what’s in her mind and how she plans to release this comeback album.

If she delays the album, still it’d come out by April. That I can say confidently.

Considering the fact that this is Avril’s comeback album and that it has taken so long, it’s going to be an amazing album. I feel like it will be a very personal album – one that will help us listen to various shades of our favorite Canadian songwriter.

Post Author: David Watt