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Avril Lavigne Song, “Head Above Water”. Stream Now:

Yeah, guess who is back? The Canadian Singer, “Avril Lavigne” is back with a brand new song titled, “Head Above Water”. Avril’s sixth studio album is to be released and now she is working on it but we don’t know the releasing date yet as she has not officially announced any date for the release but we can hope that it will be released in the end of this year. The title is also not announced yet.

Avril’s last (fifth) album was released back in 2013. Yes, five years back but no worries. She has released the first single to her upcoming album which is “Head Above Water”.

The new song has got a bit of “signature’s pop-rock” and some of “Christian rock” and of course “Avril Lavigne mid-tempo ballad”. The song possesses inspiring lyrics. Imagine Avril uttering lyrics like, “God Keep my head above my water. Don’t Let me drown. It gets harder, i’ll meet you there at the altar. As i fall down to my knees”.

Listen to Avril’s New Song, “Head Above Water” :


My God! She has proved that she still is the best and can utter the best vocals yet. I mean she has come back after a time and just look at the energy of the song. What a come back!

Post Author: David Watt