Ariana Grande & John Legend Release a Snippet of ‘Beauty and The Beast’ Song

Ariana Grande and John Legend have given their fans the snippet of the track “Beauty and The Beast”, which will serve as a soundtrack of the movie with the same name. It’s going to be a remake of the original film. This time, Emma Watson will play the Beauty and the movie will hit the theaters on March 17th.

The soundtrack for the movie will be out officially on 10, March 2017. However, there is a snippet that you can hear. When you listen to this snippet, one thing is for sure that you will instantly fall in love with the song. It’s definitely a powerful ballad that will help the movie in every possible way it could.

Ariana Grande has definitely made it her own song with strong vocals and powerful emotions that pour as she utters the lyrics. It’s a great song and Ari has truly put her heart into it. I’m sure Celine Dion would be proud of the Ari when she hears this song.

Now the final good news: Ari and John Legend have already shot a music video for this song. You can keep checking VEVO for the MV as it is planned for a release in the coming weeks. Alternatively, you can subscribe to this blog and get the video in your email when it comes out. For now, you have the short snippet to listen. Give it a try below.

Listen to a snippet of “Beauty and The Beast” by Ariana Grande and John Legend

Post Author: David Watt