Album Review: Taylor Swift’s “1989”

Taylor Swift’s new album “1989” is out today. The multi-platinum album maker has already grabbed seven Grammy awards for her exceptional pop music. With her latest album, she is all set to become one of the most sensational pop artists of this decade.

For gossip bloggers, Taylor Swift hasn’t stopped telling stories from her real life. “1989” has a track named “Style” which is presumably referencing her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles of One Direction.

Majority of music critics and fans have already figured out that Taylor Swift has an ear for melody and loves putting some thought in lyrics. She continues to surprise us with that quality even in this album. Listen to the track “Out of Woods” and you will clearly admire her for being melodious. On the other hand “Style” reminds us about the way she writes lyrics, taking stories right out of her own book of life. “Shake It Off” is the lead single and it deserves all the appreciation for sitting on top charts for weeks now.

“1989” is a statement of sorts from the pop princess. Apart from the genre-shifting tracks, Swift has also something else to prove- she can be a songwriter for someone else (Sia and Sam Martin in this case). Overall, the album has a powerful tracklist and it will definitely help Swift find some more space as far as her music fans are concerned who believe she has been confiding in them all the time.

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Post Author: David Watt