Aj Mitchell Delivers Music Video For, “All My Friends”. Watch Here:

The American singer and songwriter, “Aj Mitchell” has shared a new music video for his song, “All My Friends” directed by Sam Lecca.

The song, “All My Friends” was released on 1st of March 2019. It was written by, “Jeffrey Elias Miller”, “Remy Gautreau” and “Stavros Adamantios Tsarouhas”.

All My Friends marks the 17-year-old singer’s first music release after hi debut EP called, “Hopeful”.

Back to the new music video, It Stars Aj and his friends with their girlfriends. It starts when Aj Mitchell plays keyboard and starts singing the song in a dark themed room with three couples sitting behind him.

The video continues and Aj walks in the streets and unluckily couldn’t get rid of the couples being romantic. LOL!

Watch the music video to Aj Mitchell’s song, “All My Friends”:

In a recent interview Aj Mitchell said, ” have a number on Instagram but that doesn’t mean anything. I’ve always had that number, but I never really saw my fans so when I went on tour and I actually saw my fans in real life, I was like ‘Wow, these people are actually real, and they support me’. Before, it’s all just a number—I just saw names, but I didn’t see those people in real life”.

Post Author: David Watt