“Let Your Tears Fall” + “Take You High” by Kelly Clarkson

If you have been keeping up with the latest new music, you’d know already that Kelly Clarkson is releasing her music from upcoming album ‘Piece by Piece’. It’s true either way as the name of the new album is “Piece by Piece” and Kelly has really released 5 songs now with 3 already released and two that we will be talking about today. Kelly Clarkson is really planning a huge comeback, something you know instantly when you listen to any of the tracks released from her upcoming album so far. You are going to love each of them as they are all special in some way.

Today we will be reviewing two new tracks released by Kelly Clarkson “Let Your Tears Fall” and “Take You High”. Both the tracks were released on 26th February and are part of her strategy to release at least five tracks before the album hits stores across the world. Originally she was planning to release two tracks on Friday but something happened or probably Kelly Clarkson just decided to give her fans something more this time and she released two instead of one track. If she does it again, we will have a half of the upcoming album before it’s released. We believe that is going to be a huge plus for Kelly as each song we hear from this album is fantastic, thus helping her create more hype and therefore expect to sell a lot more album copies than she would have without letting fans listen to what they are going to buy in March.

Watch “Let Your Tears Fall”

Watch “Take You High” by Kelly Clarkson

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz