“Forget” by Marina and the Diamonds

Marina and the Diamonds has recently announced release her new album titled “Froot” which will be released in a two-week’s time. Just before the release date, Marina and the Diamonds has released a new music video for single “Forget”. The video was released officially on YouTube.

Music video for “Forget” is directed by Markus Lundqvist. The video has a simple concept of dark and light. Although it looks good on the screen but we really expected a lot more of a story instead of a performance in the video. That’s the only disappointing factors about Marina and the Diamond’s new video.

Marina and the Diamonds has released a total of four singles so far but she promoted none of them on TV and radio which seems somewhat strange. It looks as if she isn’t taking these as official singles for her album but just releasing them for creating the buzz. On top of that, she is hardly doing any promotion for her album ‘Froot’ which has only two weeks before it goes to stores for sales. With so little marketing, it really seems difficult that she would be generating any kind of massive first week sales. As of now her individual tracks have fared well on iTunes but the worrying factor is that none of them managed to stay there for a substantial time. Maybe all she needs is a performance on some popular TV shows to announce her album.

Watch Music Video : “Forget” by Marina and the Diamonds on YouTube

Post Author: David Watt