Watch Music Video: “Stretch” by Louise

Louise has developed a habit surprising us through her comeback stints. Now she has released the official music video for ‘Stretch’ and it’s already this week’s biggest surprise. If you don’t know already, it’s 44-year old’s first single in 16 years. That’s a long time for a new single to come out by any stretch of the imagination.

The track has explicit lyrics and that called for a sizzling video. To our satisfaction, Louise didn’t disappoint us. After watching the video, it’s obvious that she is impressed by Kylie Minogue’s ‘sexercise‘ and that’s what you notice in the music video. In fact, it’s a powerful video for women post 40. Now one thing is for sure, no one expected this kind of a music video from Louise so she’ll definitely get a lot of ‘never expected this.’ Would that help her gather more views for her video? Only time could tell. Watch the music video below.

Watch MV “Stretch” by Louise

Post Author: David Watt