Watch “I’m a Lady” by Meghan Trainor

Well, if you ever had any doubts about Meghan’s empowering personality, it’s time you let them go. She is the ultimate confidence booster in the music video for “I’m a Lady” music video. It’s an empowering single and Meghan did pretty well with the lyrics. Now she’s doing really good with the video and making sure we know she can do ‘so many’ things.

If you are a woman who is feeling out of sorts and need some empowering lessons, then try this new Meghan Trainor video for her song from the soundtrack of the upcoming “Smurfs: The Lost Village” movie. The video came out on VEVO so you can watch it free.

The video shows how a woman can be everything. Meghan shows other ladies that they can be everything like a performer or a dancer or maybe a business woman. Meghan also takes the role of a princess and a sporty girl to deliver the message that woman have to believe in themselves to be whatever they want to be.

Those of you who are low on morale, this is a good video to start. It will definitely give your confidence a major boost. Watch the music video below.

Watch “I’m a Lady” by Meghan Trainor

Post Author: David Watt