Troye Sivan Song, “Revelation”. Listen Now:

Troye Sivan has not just played his part as an actor for the upcoming drama film, “Boy Erased” but also he has contributed to it’s soundtrack with a track titled, “Revelation”.  The Film will be out on November 2nd. The movie is starring Troye Sivan and the other actors include, “Lucas Hedges”, “Nicole Kidman”, “Joel Edgerton” and “Russel Crowe”.

The Autralian Singer has made it to the goal. I mean this song is a banger! And not just this, the song relates with the theme of the movie as well.

The melody is relaxing and is more about background-piano. Imagine Troye’s vocals on such a lovely music tone. This song is an emotional and obviously a lovely ballad. It was produced by Leland.

Listen To Troye Sivan’s New Contribution Song, “Revelation”:

During an interview the Australian Singer told media that, “I was ready to sell my soul. I said, “You can have any song that I’ve ever written, I’ll write new onew, I’ll do anything””.

Well, this shows his passion towards the movie. I can’t wait to have the movie on my screen.


Post Author: David Watt