Single: “Leave Me Lonely” by Ariana Grande Ft. Macy Gray

Ariana Grande is on a roll. She has recruited an army of singers to help her with her new album. We’ve already heard many collaborations but it seems there won’t be an end to them as Ari has released a new collaboration with Macy Gray. This new single is titled “Leave Me Lonely”. It’s the new countdown single from Ari’s upcoming “Dangerous Woman” album.

This new ballad is about a disillusioned lover. Ari seems to have a perfect voice for this as she slays the soulful track with a sultry piano-based melody. To bring in something extra, Ari has enrolled Gray who brings his husky vocals to this track. This collaboration really turns the song up, making it a powerful ballad that might leave you baffled after you are finished listening to this new Ariana single.

The track is out in full already. Ariana Grande released it on iTunes as she’s been doing with other countdown singles from her upcoming album “Dangerous Woman”. You can purchase the song from Apple Music or simply live with the 30-second snippet of the song below. If you like it, you might want to wait until the album comes out. After all, the time of the release is almost here. Listen to the live performance below and decide for yourself if you’d want to purchase this number individually or with the album once it comes out. Don’t forget to leave your comments after the preview below.

Listen to “Leave Me Lonely” by Ariana Grande ft. Macy Gray [LIVE]

Post Author: David Watt