Music: “A Woman” by Rhettie

“A Woman” is a new track by upcoming artists Rhettie. The track is a mix of urban pop and reggae and therefore sounds very differently from modern pop. Rhettie, whose full name is Rhett Darroux is a multi-talented international artists from Dominica. He is currently living in Houston where he records all his music.

Rhett Darroux grew up in a diverse culture which leaves impressions on his music, helping it be something different form mainstream pop. Rhettie can also act and walk ramps. He is currently touring and meanwhile working on his new album which will contain mixtapes. There is no news as to when the album will be out yet. As soon as the news comes along, we will let you know.

“A Woman” is a radio-friendly track which means it has the potential to help Rhettie get a radio-hit under his belt. Rhettie, who has been slowly working his way up in the music industry, has already made some name for himself with the release of his music video “Party”. He also got approval for airing on a Jamaican-based Caribbean network called Tempo which will give him access to music fans from Australasia, Japan, UAE and Africa.

Listen to “A Woman” by Rhett Darroux (Rhetti) on Soundcloud

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz