Music Video Review: “She Used To Be Mine” by Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles premiered a music video for her new single “She Used To Be Mine” on October 25th. This single will serve as the first single from her upcoming studio album titled “What’s Inside: Songs From Waitress”. This album will be released in the US via Epic Records and it will be available in stores on November 6th. Sara Bareilles will be putting all the songs she sung for hit Broadway play “Waitress” in her new album “What’s Inside: Songs From Waitress”.

The music video for “She Used To Be Mine” has nothing to do with “Waitress” play as Sara isn’t dressing as a waitress neither revealing any part of the plot from the song. Instead the music video shows her getting ready for a performance at her dressing room backstage. She then walks through the hallways towards the stage where she will play the piano and sing the song. Strangely, the venue is empty but Sara is still focused and delivers a mesmerizing performance. The music video is a good one but it’s nothing that everyone expected. Sara isn’t playing a waitress, talking about the hardships of her life. If you were expecting something like that, don’t watch the music video.

Watch “She Used To Be Mine” Music Video by Sara Bareilles

Post Author: David Watt