Arlissa and Jonas Blue

Listen to “Heart Ain’t Gonna Lie” by Arlissa & Jonas Blue 

There is new banger in town and it’s just brilliant. I’m talking about “Heart Ain’t Gonna Lie” by Arlissa and Jonas Blue. It’s simply amazing.

This song was released back in 2016 as an acoustic ballad. In 2018, it got an upgrade to electro-house production. The vocals still have the same magic as in the acoustic version but the production is totally refreshing. It’s a kind of an upgrade that has managed to retain song’s soul from its acoustic version. It’s definitely another smash hit for Jonas Blue.

For Jonas Blue, success isn’t a new thing. He came to the big scene with his cover of “Fast Car” in 2015. Ever since then, it has been a wonderful journey for the 28-year-old. From “Mama” to “By Your Side”, everything he has done is simply amazing. I’m sure this song will also prove out to be a big hit.


For Arlisa, this could be a big moment. Ever since her big break, she hasn’t done anything musically that I could remember. If this new single turns out to be a hit, it will her a huge favor and she will have her chance to get back at her thing.

Give it a listen below and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Listen to “Heart Ain’t Gonna Lie” by Arlissa and Jonas Blue

Post Author: David Watt