Cardi B Is On Cosmopolitan Cover – Photographed by Kai Z Feng

It’s big news for Cardi B fans as it’s her first appearance on the issue of Cosmopolitan cover. She looks gorgeous in the picture that has come out so far. I’m sure we are going to see a lot of her pictures once the next issue of Cosmo comes out the next week. If you can’t wait for the next week, you can see the cover photo below. Doesn’t it look totally awesome?

Along with her appearance on the cover, you’ll also read her exclusive interview in the magazine issue. In the interview, she talked mainly about old days when she used to work as a stripper. She also talked about how she refused to change. She focused on her strengths to come out of trenches in life and reach this stage where she is today. It’s an impressive interview where she also discusses her point of view about dealing with others. She thinks the best way to live a cool life is by not bothering about everything. Don’t offend people just for the reason that they have a different opinion about you and so on.

She will also reveal few facts and her thoughts about her stripper girl days. In a highlight of the interview that appeared earlier today, she was quoted saying “you’all going to respect these strippers from now on…”. Just because somebody was a stripper doesn’t mean they don’t have a brain.


Check out the cover photo below.


Post Author: David Watt