Single: “That’s How You Know” by Nico & Vinz

Nico & Vinz hit the top charts with their unbelievable single “Am I Wrong” – a song that was so infectious that everyone still remembers it. That track topped charts around the globe last year and gave the Norwegian duo international fame. They released another track “In Your Arms” expecting to repeat their success with “Am I wrong”. That track was a regular hit but they weren’t able to deliver any more smash hits like “Am I Wrong” for their debut international music album “Black Star Elephant”.

Now they are back with another single titled “That’s How You Know”. This will be the first track from their brand new LP. The duo has engaged Bebe Rexha and Kid Ink this time hoping they will be able to reach a wider audience this time. Hopefully, this will be another smash hit and we will continue having more quality music from this talented duo in the future.

The track “That’s How You Know” is all about the real side of life. This folky pop song talks about living in a big city and having a girlfriend like Eva Mende only to know that your side-girl is pregnant. When she calls you and breaks the news for you, that’s the time when ‘you are alone and crying, thinking that you are in deep trouble’. As soon as the duo finish telling tale of their reality check, Bebe and Kid Ink join in and share their own tales.

Listen to “That’s How You Know” by Nico & Vinz

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz