Music Video: “Deja Vu” by Giorgio Moroder & Sia

Georgio Moroder and Sia are working together for their upcoming album “Deja Vu”. The duo has released first music video from the album. The music video is for track ‘Deja Vu”, which is the title track of the album as well. The music video is directed by Alexandra Dahistrom. The music video covers a man’s journey and his encounter with various people who look similar and meet at hotel.

Georgio Moroder is seen in the video as a driver who is driving video’s lead model to the hotel. This person is dressed in perfect white and looks stunning. As he enters the hotel, he meets someone who looks just like Sia. The girl is a Sia look-alike. She is wearing her popular Sia wig. But there isn’t just one Sia look-alike around. As the guy in white moves ahead, he meets another women who is Sia look-alike. This time he meets the woman near the pool. This time as he meets her, he causes her drink to drop down.

As the video progresses, the guy in white meets another woman inside the party hall and meets more people. He meets those Sia look-alikes again and goes through the same experiences again and again. This all sounds like a Deja Vu experience and that’s the reason the track is called Deja Vu.

Although Deja Vu has a great video, the track is still not making it to the top of the chart. The track probably lacks the chart-topping vibe but still it’s a cool track that you will love.

Watch Music Video “Deja Vu” by Giorgio Moroder & Sia


Post Author: Asif Mumtaz