Music Single: “If It Ain’t Love” by Jason Derulo [Full Audio]

Jason Deulo has given his fans a new single and a mesmerizing performance at the iHeartRadio Music Awards last week. Jason released a new single titled “If It Ain’t Love” on Friday and then appeared on the awards on the weekend.

Despite the single being premiered to global audience, there is still no news about the future of this song. It could end up in Jason’s upcoming studio album or it could end up being just a buzz single that Jason wanted to give his fans before his performance at the awards. It could also be part of an experimental mixtape. No one knows for sure as of now.

According to sources, Jason is determined to use this new song as his ‘new single’ and that’s what he is calling it so far. Jason has also got himself some radio deals to play the track at the top of every hour. This clearly suggests that Jason isn’t taking it as an experimental single but he is actually thinking of the new studio album. Something for his fans to cheer about after his poor “Naked” mixtape.

It seems as if Jason was thinking about Summer when he worked on this song. That’s the reason you could easily notice ‘deep house’ commercial vibes in the song. The song is about finding ‘love’ and then feeling it so strong that you never want to be apart from that. The song is about feeling good about love and understanding its power. Jason asks  “why does it feel so good?” several times during the song as if he wants listeners to think about the good feelings that love brings and how it makes one happy.

The production quality isn’t that great but it’s neither too bad. The song has the ability to grow on your slowly, especially with an attractive urban bridge and the post-chorus parts. You might fall in love with this song or you might never like it. It’s that kind of a song. Listen to the full version below.

Listen to “If It Ain’t Love” by Jason Derulo [Full Version – High Quality Audio]

Post Author: David Watt