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This Week’s New Single Releases (29th December 2013)

My round up of the new singles available for digital download this week.

Little Mix – ‘Little Me’
I suppose it was inevitable that my favourite piece of classical music would one day be included in a pop song. The first track to interpolate Opus. 50 from Gabriel Fauré’s ‘Pavane’ since S Club 7’s ‘Natural’ it feels like the sister track of ‘Shape’ by the Sugababes from 2003 (that in itself a Sting sample), this positive uplifting track is in the style of Perry’s ‘Firework’ or Aguilera’s ‘Beautiful’ and fits in nicely with them. It picks its style and lyrics from all over the shop and its originality falls apart, but works as a touching, well put together song that uses its classical inspiration to tug at the heartstrings and is far better than ‘Move’. Unoriginal but inspiring, and appropriately for the band name a mix of all sorts. (7/10)
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Matrix and Futurebound feat. Max Marshall – ‘Control’
The third cut from their as yet unreleased first album proves that, even as 2013 fades away, dance music continues to roll out the same tropes. ‘Control’ is held together by the vocals of Max Marshall but she’s lost under the electronic music that hits the same beats as so many other songs from this year, from the verse-build-up-chorus structure without adding anything fresh. Too similar to many other songs in the genre, this is instantly forgettable. (2/10)
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Pitbull feat. Ke$ha – ‘Timber’
On one hand the fun harmonica riff adds something fresh to this record, on the other hand Pitbull rolls out his familiar sound. That said, the country-tinged ‘Timber’ feels like the best record from both artists in a while, and though Ke$ha’s tight cut jeans put the ho into hoe-down this is a fun, perky western number that feels like it should be credited the other way round. It’s not particularly revolutionary but it’s a good party number ready for New Years Eve parties that will get your foot tapping. (6.5/10)
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Sophie Ellis-Bextor – ‘Young Blood’
Fresh from her success on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ here comes Ellis-Bextor’s first cut from her upcoming 2014 album ‘Wanderlust’. Whereas previous first releases such as ‘Take Me Home’, ‘Mixed Up World’, ‘Catch You’ and ‘Bittersweet’ have been instant memorable poppy numbers this low-key ballad doesn’t have that same hook. Sophie’s sultry loveable vocals are as involving as ever and the swelling number is beautiful while you listen to it, but it doesn’t have the same impact. ‘Young Blood’ is beautifully sung though and a welcome return for Ellis-Bextor. (7/10)
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Post Author: Philip Lickley