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Watch Justin Timberlake Play a Robot Inventor in Official Music Video “Filthy” – Single

Justin Timberlake has premiered the official music video for “Filthy” – a song from his upcoming album “Man of the Woods”. In the music video, you will see the singer play a Steve Jobs-style role. He is a robot inventor who helps us take a peek into the future world.

This new single “Filthy” is a funky electro banger that’s got all the ingredients to become your favorite party anthem. It’s fired up for parties that run all through the night. The song has got that kind of energy and has plenty of sing-along moments to keep you involved. You have to play this song loud as the singer suggested on the social media while giving us the news about the release of the song.

Timberlake co-wrote this song in addition to co-producing it along with Timbaland and Danja.

In the music video, you won’t see everyone partying as you expect from the lyrics. It’s rather a peek into a futuristic world – a world that has become a hot topic with robots making it into our world. I’m sure like so many of us, Timberlake also thinks a lot of about how it’s going to be with a world filled with artificial life. That’s the reason he decided to make this video and give us his perspective on the future.

The video shows you the world in 2028 as Timberlake sees it. He is attending the Pan-Asian Deep Learning Conference. At the event, he introduces his latest invention, which is a robot. This artificially intelligent machine mimics his movements and learns from the audience. Towards the end of the video, you notice this robot looking just like his inventor as if telling us how fast the robot has learned to replace his inventor.

If this video makes you excited, there is more to come. Timberlake will be releasing three more videos before he proceeds with his album release. For now, you got this video and it’s really worth watching. Watch it below.

Watch “Filthy” Music Video by Justin Timberlake

Post Author: David Watt