Video Review: “Someone New” by Hozier

Hozier has released music video for track “Someone New”. The video features Game of Thrones’ star Natalie Dormer who continues impressing critics with her powerful act. She plays a sweet girl who is working her way through a series of men. Presumably, this act will typecast her as a man-eating vamp.

Natalie Dormer finds Hozier’s music touching and closer to contradictions that make us human. The 33-year old looks stunningly sexy in the music video. Even her new hairstyle, shaved head from one side, makes her look funkier and cooler than ever. She will be returning to the TV screen next month with fifth season of Game of Thrones. She will also be visible on the big screen at the end of this year featuring in upcoming movies in the Hunger Games series.

Hozier has gone on record saying that he was thrilled to work with such a talented and intelligent actor for his music video. He has also collaborated with his brother Jon Hozier-Byrne who has developed story for the video along with David Reilly of Stoneface Films. Brothers collaborated previously for other videos but Jon has never been involved in a video like this. His previous role was hardly that of consulting. The video is directed by Anthony Byrne.

Watch Music Video “Someone New” by Hozier

Post Author: David Watt