Video Preview: “Alive” by Sia

Sia is doing great with the promotion of her upcoming music video for recently released track “Alive”. You will know that the moment you spend 25 seconds watching the latest snippet from the music video. The video preview is available on YouTube and you can watch it here by clicking PLAY below.

This 25-second preview is all that Sia has released so far. It shows a small girl sitting in a strange place, wearing traditional karate white dress and the half-white half-black wig that’s been Sia’s tool for promoting this video. The girl has her eyes closed and looks as if her soul has traveled to another world and all that’s left behind is a body. The camera rolls forwards, getting closer to the little girl. We are able to see her face clearly. Her hair, half-black and half-white, make us think of good and evil. But before we can actually start understanding the context, the little girl opens her eyes and there is so much life in her. She is alive and here. That’s when the video ends and leaves us thinking whether the little girl had anything strange about her eyes. Sia has made everyone impatient with this preview. Let’s hope that the final video also comes out to be as gripping as this 25-second preview makes it look.

Watch A Snippet From “Alive” by Sia

Listen “Alive” by Sia (Full Audio – Lyric Video)

Post Author: David Watt