Tinashe performs “Flame” on TV – Watch the awesome performance

Tinashe has appeared on TV and she delivered her first TV performance of her recent single “Flame”. The performance was really cool. If you missed this performance on NBC in The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, you can watch it here after the performance review below.

Many fans had huge expectations from this performance and they were disappointed to some extent. Some fans thought that the performance was really good while others were of the view that it was just OK. They weren’t expecting an OK performance.

Tinashe looked hot in this music video. She was wearing a really cool outfit and she moved really well throughout the video. She was definitely the best thing in this music video. But probably she was lip-syncing or there was something else wrong. If she was actually lip-syncing and not singing live, then it was the worst thing she could have done. When her fans were expecting a thrilling live performance, she comes up with a lip-syncing performance, hiding it as a live performance. Watch the performance below and see if you can spot her ‘cheating’ on her fans. Or is she actually performing live?

Watch Tinashe perform “Flame” on TV

Post Author: David Watt