This weeks single releases – 19/07/2010

Faithless new single review

Faithless – Tweak Your Nipple

Yet another slow-building dance classic from the edgy Trance masters.  Tweak Your Nipple is your atypical Faithless track – a euphoric, hands aloft synth track occasionally interrupted by Maxi Jazz’s philosophical sloganeering.

Taken from new album The Dance, Tweak Your Nipple reaffirms Faithless’ position at the top of the UK’s dance scene.

30 Seconds To Mars – Closer To The Edge

Not long ago, 30 Seconds To Mars was Jared Leto’s respectable side-project.  Recently, though, they have transformed into one of the biggest bands on the planet.  How they’ve achieved this with over-blown, over-sincere, vapid arena rock like this is beyond us.  But then again, were not teenage Twi-hards who relate to the exaggerated emo-ting of Hollywood heart-throbs.  It would possibly be acceptable if it wasn’t so cynical.

Pendulum – Witchcraft

It’s hard not to like Pendulum.  They suck you in with a pleasant little soft-rock intro and then plunge you into a chaotic mix of drum and bass and hardcore techno.  Just like Faithless, they know what their audience wants and have no qualms about delivering it time and again.  Their formula may have a sell-by date that is rapidly approaching, but for now Witchcraft is a perfect slice of headbanging escapism.

Scouting For Girls – Famous

A song that rips off The Buggles’ Video Killed the Radio Star might have been a post-modern, post-ironic classic.  It becomes clear pretty quickly, though, that Scouting for Girls are just not clever enough to pull that off.  The short two-and-a-half minute running time does nothing to alleviate the haunting sounds of desperation that will stay with you long after the song has finished.

Jedward- All The Small Things

Everyone’s favourite freaky Irish twins continue their pursuit of world domination with a cover of Blink 182’s biggest hit, All The Small Things. And yes, it’s exactly as bad as that sounds.

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