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This Week’s New Single Releases – 30th June 2013 Part 2

Part two of my round up of the new singles available for digital download this week.

John Newman – ‘Love Me Again’
After his recent appearance on the Rudimental single ‘Not Giving In’, Newman’s distinct vocals are back on this immediately catchy chant-led single that sounds like an immediate festival favourite. With elements of a Gerry Anderson production or Bond film in its sweeping strings and dramatic bridge build up, there are certain similarities with his previous guest appearance but there’s enough here to give him a distinct stand-out sound. With a ragga piano closing third this is a must-repeat bouncy singable hit with a Mark Ronson-esque sound for fans of that producer and a similarity to ‘In The Night’ from the Pet Shop Boys. (7.5/10)
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Josh Record – ‘The War (EP)’
The titular track from Josh Record’s EP is a simply recorded acoustic number that puts little in the way of enjoying the lyrics outside of the guitar and strong choral support. The aptronymous singer showcases some smooth guitar work that, in its presence and absence, adds to the emotive atmosphere to create a touching three-and-a-half minutes. It’s not a song that will stay with you but whilst it plays plucks on the heartstrings as much as the guitar. The EP is completed with songs ‘House’, ‘Common Folly’ and ‘Skin’. (5.5/10)
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The Lancashire Hotpots – ‘The Baking Song’
Taken from their proclaimed final album, ‘The Baking Song’ from Lancashire’s chief comedy export is possibly their most innuendo-laden song since early album track ‘Me PSP’. It does descend a little too much into crudeness and single innuendo for a band that have got most of their humour from more subtle and family-friendly means than this, but if you’re a fan of ‘Carry On’ films then this is right up your, er, alley. Not their greatest single ever and tries a little too hard to be funny (“Did they really just say that?”) but it’s a fun two-minutes to spend with a smile on your face. (5/10)
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Leeroy feat. Nagla – ‘Can’t Get Enough’
Sounding very much like Pitbull if he didn’t spend half his song speaking in Spanish and talking about his Air Miles, you might have enough of this track eventually due to its familiar structure and sound, but there’s something about its energetic and relentless march and at three minutes ties itself up nicely without outstaying its welcome. Nagla’s vocals over a Harris-esque keyboard riff keeps the flow going and Leeroy’s raps balance cliché and catchiness well. ‘Can’t Get Enough’ is nothing we haven’t heard before, but will fit nicely into an upbeat club set. (6.5/10)
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Lewis Watson – ‘Four More Songs (EP)’
First track on the EP ‘Calling’ is a pondering indie hit that is nice, which is the most enthusiastic word I can really come up with. The four minute track doesn’t seem to go anywhere crucial and the lyrics don’t particularly jump out of the player. If you are a fan of stripped back indie then you’ll be in pleasant company but it’s not going to win over any undecided. ‘Songs That We Wrote When We Were Drunk’ doesn’t fair much better though the added drums is better before the EP is rounded off with a demo of ‘Close’ and studio version of ‘Made Up Love Song #43’. (3/10)
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Lorde – ‘Tennis Court (EP)’
Not a new EP from our favourite Eurovision monsters,, Lorde’s ‘Tennis Court’ owes more to a game of ‘Pong’ in the music than maybe tennis. A cross between Timbaland’s famous production and Lana Del Rey’s ‘This Is What Makes Us Girls’ it’s hauntingly good and a quick grower, and you’ll be singing it by the end of the second play (watch the video). ‘Swingin’ Party’ continues the Lana Del Rey sound but is much more sombre and feels more like a soundscape than a cohesive track (watch the video). ‘Biting Down’ is better with a call-and-response structure (watch the video) and ‘Bravado’ is a more traditional sounding ballad and the best of the three supporting songs thanks to its enjoyable production (watch the video). (6.5/10)

M.I.A – ‘Bring The Noize’
The first cut from M.I.A.’s fourth album, ‘Bring The Noize’ is a mixed affair. With its call-to-prayer sound opening and catchy, well flowing verses – even if some of the lyrics just sound ridiculous – it sounds like a song that could rival ‘Paper Planes’. However the chorus is awkward and the post-chorus sounds like an old printer struggling to work and undoes a lot of the better aspects of the song, before it fades away in a strange low key ending. It’s one of those songs you could like or hate on different days; at the moment I’m sitting on the fence. (5/10)
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Michael Bublé – ‘Close Your Eyes’
The time between Bublé singles seems to be shrinking but here is his second single from ‘To Be Loved’ and, to be honest, it’s difficult to not enjoy his singles. They may all be in a similar vein to each other but the slick production, soaring strings and strong lead vocals are well designed to grab you. It won’t win over new fans but those on the periphery of his work will be at home here. (7/10)
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MKTO – ‘Classic’
The Californian duo’s second single is one of those songs that grabs you in the first few seconds which suggests it could well be a ‘Classic’. Well, perhaps a better song from recent weeks. With a thumping bouncy bass and a jaunty vocal track this balances the poppiness of Olly Murs with an even sunnier sound. Even the rap feels retro enough to fit in and only the name-checks suggest its more modern. This week’s guilty pleasure. (7.5/10)
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The Saturdays – ‘Gentleman’
The first single from the group’s upcoming fourth album (fourth? Yes, really!) is a song seemingly taken from the 1990s in sound, with plenty of references to that decade, though with namechecks – yes, even the Saturdays are doing it this week – date it more to 2013. With a change of direction for the band this is a more refreshing sound for the group with a catchy verse and chorus and even a rap, always dangerous for singers to tackle, that works, though apparently they need ‘Wheezy’ who I’m sure was the penguin from ‘Toy Story’. With a smattering of innuendos and a slightly confusing ‘girl power’ style it’s an intriguing choice for the group, but it’s one that works and is a step up from their previous club-heavy singles. (7.5/10)
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Will.I.Am – ‘Bang Bang’
From ‘The Great Gatsby’ and Mr I.Am’s latest album ‘Bang Bang’ samples the famous classic instrumental ‘Charleston’ and it’s weaved nicely into the piece and even Will.I.Am sounds retro and, in putting on an accent, captures the retro mood nicely even with some references sometimes pulling you out of it. It’s not going to please his club-focussed fans and when the record nods towards that genre with the ‘bang bang’ chorus the record is at its weakest, but this is actually the most interesting, different sounding, record he’s done in ages.
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Post Author: Philip Lickley