The New Highway Hymnal

The New Highway Hymnal

The New Highway Hymnal

Genre: Psychedelic

Bio: This Haverhill-born trio lays out droning, experimental noise-pop. In February 2012 the band released their debut 7-inch, “Blackened Hands” off Boston label Vanya Records (Bearstronaut, Andre Obin), and began making themselves known in Boston for their intense live show, which translated well to both the area’s established music venues and basement/DIY spaces. In October, The New Highway Hymnal released their debut full length, Whispers, and are currently at work on an EP due later this year. Allston Pudding described their sound as, “somewhere between the elusive psychedelia of The Doors and the feedback drenched frenzy of Sonic Youth, the New Highway Hymnal achieve a sound with a nostalgic familiarity, but with an experimental tendency that keeps them striving for the cutting edge.”




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