Taylor Swift changes sides in music streaming battle

The music streaming battle between Spotify and Tidal was over the moment Taylor Swift made her decision to take her latest album ‘1989’ off Spotify in favor of Tidal earlier this year. However, it looks like Apple Music, which is due to launch on June 30, has entered the battlefield as an obvious winner. The winning factor again is Taylor Swift who has Tweeted that her latest album will be available on Apple Music. She will take off her album from Tidal. As a result, the ultimate winner in the end would be Apple Music.

It looks as if Taylor Swift has actually become the dominating deciding factor in this music streaming war. With her popularity and numbers of sales, she can definitely make or break a streaming service. Now with her music only being available on Apple Music, there won’t be much of a competition left for the computing giant in music streaming industry.

Taylor Swift broke this news through Twitter earlier today when she tweeted about leaving Tidal in favor on Apple Music. She made it clear that there is no exclusive deal with Apple as was the case with some other stars. Finally she thanked Apple for a change of heart in her last tweet and said that it was for the first time that she felt just about right to stream her album.

This new settlement hasn’t been smooth. Miss Swift write an open letter to Apple last week telling the company that she was disappointed about the company not paying royalties for the trial period of three months. However, Apple showed a change of heart and announced that it will pay royalties even during the trial period.

Post Author: David Watt