Tove Lo Cries in the New Music Video For, “Hey You Got Drugs?”. Watch Here:

Back in November, the Swedish singer and songwriter, “Tove Lo” shared her third studio album called, “Blue Lips”. From the album, she has shared a new music video for the song, “Hey You Got Drugs?”. The song was co-written by Tove Lo with Alex Hope. She shared her views about the video on Instagram when […]


Tove Lo’s “Disco Tits” To Be Released Soon

Tove Lo has announced a new single titled “Disco Tits” and it will come out on this September. Now doesn’t that sound so very naughty? I’m desperately waiting for this new single to come out. The Sweedish pop singer didn’t give a definite release date but still, we expect it to come out any time today. […]


Watch 21-Minute Long Visuals for “Fire Fade” by Tove Lo

Tove Lo has released a super long visual titled “Fire Lady” to end her Lady Wood era. This 21-minute long visual is directed by Tim Eren who has managed to pull in a lot of emotions in this music video. It’s kind of a mini-movie and it’s NSFW. So be careful when you hit the […]


Watch the Tove Lo and Charli XCX performing live on “The X Factor Australia”

British Singer Charli XCX and Swedish singer Tove Lo made an appearance yesterday (November 21st) on “The X Factor Australia” as the musical guests. Charli XCX was asked to deliver the first-ever television performance of her recently released new single “After the Afterparty” from her third studio album due to be released in May 2017. On […]


Watch Tove Lo’s 31-minute long short film “Fairy Dust”

Tove Lo premiered thirty-one minutes long music video “Fairy Dust” on October 31st, 2016. This short film ought to win “Video of the Year” at the MTV Video Music Awards. Tove Lo included five tracks from her third studio album “Lady Wood”: “Influence”, “Lady Wood”, “True Disaster”, “Cool Girl”, and “Vibes.” Also, she added her […]


New Single Review: “Cool Girl” by Tove Lo

Tove Lo has premiered a new song titled “Cool Girl”. Tove Lo might have dropped this new single without realizing that she has given us the song of the summer. Tove Lo is already famous in the music industry for her hit single “Habits”. Her debut album was flawless and that’s why everyone has huge […]

Music video review: “Moments” by Tove Lo

Tove Lo isn’t afraid of controversy and that’s what the Swedish diva is about to do in this music video. “Moments” takes the shock value to the next level, slowly building it up with her previous music videos. She talked about doing drugs and attending sex clubs in “Habits” and then showed us how to […]

Single Review: “Habits (Stay High)” by Tove Lo

Tove Lo is a Swedish singer and songwriter who is making it big on the world stage now with her fantastic music. Her new single “Habits (Stay High)” is already gaining popularity internationally after hitting charts in various countries, including USA and Denmark. A remixed version featuring Hippie Sabotage entered Top 10 charts in the […]