Kasabian Eez Eh

Best Songs of 2014… So Far (Part 1)

Every year, as we enter July, I sit down and think about my favourite songs of the year so far, and this year has been no less of a challenge than in previous ones. With over 300 songs downloaded and having listened to probably over 750 new songs this year, whittling them down to just […]

world cup song gary lineker

World Cup Songs 2014: The Goal, The Bad and the Ugly…

The four-yearly World Cup is not just confined to what happens on the pitch. It’s also about the fans at home and in the pub – no to mention the artists that have crammed into the recording studios or back bedrooms of Great Britain and abroad to record their own tribute to the beautiful game. So, […]

Shakira Dare La La La

Single review: Shakira – ‘Dare (La La La)’

Here is another World Cup song and one that is far more enjoyable on the ear drums than the official Pitbull song. The titular bracket hook and the electronic vibe are winners on this number but Shakira’s scattergun lyrics and lack of conformity to the tune less so. The chorus is as summery and chantable […]

Shakira Empire

Single review: Shakira – ‘Empire’

‘Empire’ sees a bit of a shift change in Shakira with some sweeping choral sounds and a more interestingly produced backing, but her powerful voice is still present and there’s certainly more energy in it than her recent collaboration with Rihanna. Boasting a powerful, memorable chorus (thanks mainly to its lack of lyrics) even if […]

beyonce album

This Week’s New Single Releases (19th January 2014)

My round up of the new singles available for digital download this week. Armin Van Burren – ‘Who’s Afraid of 138?!’ (EP) Joined with a handful of remixes, this latest from Van Burren is an upbeat way to start this week’s music reviews with its thumping dance beat and get up and rave vibe. Lacking […]