Burial real name

So this is what Burial looks like…

Although he’s been the subject of many a conspiracy theory over the years, deep down everyone knew that Burial really was just a pretty ordinary, albeit very talented, guy called Will.

Rumours about his identity have ranged from Four Tet, Skrillex, Banksy and even Al Gore (for some reason!) in recent memory – but no one ever REALLY believed them, did they? Read more about So this is what Burial looks like…

Burial EP

This Week’s Single Releases (5th January 2014)

My round up of the new singles available for digital download this week. Above and Beyond – ‘Mariana Trench’ Inspired by the geographical landmark, ‘Mariana Trench’ captures the feel of the sea very well and has shades of underwater levels from mid-90s video games mixed with the best of Robert Miles. As a fully instrumental […]

Burial EP

Download Burial’s new ‘Rival Dealer’ EP

Burial has released his new EP a few days early! The EP, which was announced last week, is titled ‘Rival Dealer’ and features three brand new Burial tracks – ‘Rival Dealer’, ‘Hiders’ and ‘Come Down To Us’. To buy the EP, and stream snippets of each track, head over to the Hyperdub site now. The […]

Burial EP

Burial is releasing another December EP

Mysterious and hugely popular producer Burial rounded off 2012 with the blogosphere-igniting ‘Truant/Rough Sleeper’ EP, and is set to the same this year with an EP of new material released on 16 December. There’s been no word on the title of the EP, but we do know it will consist of three tracks and be […]