Stream “Melanin Magic” by Remy Ma and Chris Brown

Remy Ma and Chris Brown have collaborated on a new single titled “Melanin Magic”. This new single is Remy Ma’s second single from her album “7 Winters & 6 Summers”. Unlike her earlier offering, this latest single has a more global feel to it. I’m sure Remy Ma will benefit from the crossover appeal of this song. The song came out a couple of days ago and it has already started receiving appreciation from music critics, fans, and bloggers alike.

The song “Melanin Magic” is about the magic of romance. Not only that, but the song also delivers a message home successfully. The message is for empowering women and it’s well taken by the time someone ends up listening to this song.

While talking about the song, Remy Ma clearly explained that the song is about women. It’s about telling women that they are beautiful. They need to know this and Remy is one of those artists who want to help every woman in the world understand this most important empowering message. “Whether you are beautiful on the outside or not, it’s your inside that matters”, commented Remy Ma while talking about the theme of the song.

Chris has also made a huge contribution to the song, lending her velvet soft voice – the tone that was precisiouly required for this particular song. He delivers the chorus with perfection. Overall, it’s a beautiful song that definitely deserves to get a lot of attention. Give it a listen below.

Listen to “Melanin Magic” by Remy Ma and Chris Brown

Post Author: David Watt