Stream Kesha’s New Song “Hymn”

Kesha has premiered a new song titled “Hymn”. We were expecting her to give us some new material when she appeared on a concert earlier this week. But she had other plans. She wanted to premiere the song traditionally instead of giving it away in a concert.

You can listen to her new song “Hymn” after this review. I’ve added a link to the official audio video for this song below.

This new song has a good future ahead of it. It’s going to become a part of Kesha’s upcoming new album titled “Rainbow”. This is going to be her third studio album and probably the most-awaited album so far in her career due to all the things happening in between her second album and third album. I’m sure she is going to make it worth all the wait. I can already sense the kind of music we are going to hear in this album. If you have no idea, listen to her previous single from this album titled “Woman“.

While talking about this new song on Twitter, Kesha dedicated this new song to everyone who doesn’t have a personal Hymn. How awesome is that? I’m sure a lot of fans would thank Kesha for this dedication.

She also talked about her new song on a website where she explained that the story of the song is related to everyone. It connects with people and makes them feel as if it’s their story. The song is about kids getting bullied online. It’s so scary that everyone wants to talk about it. Since Kesha has been a victim of bullying herself, she could really sing about it with a lot of depth and concern.

It’s time you listen to this new song. Don’t forget to tell us your opinion about this new music from Kesha in the comments below.

Listen to “Hymn” by Kesha


Post Author: David Watt