Single Review: “Unstoppable” by Sia

Australian singer and songwriter Sia released a new song titled “Unstoppable” on January 21. In this new song, she talks about being strong even when you are weak inside or have a broken heart. The track is written by Sia and Christopher Braide. The song will be included in Sia’s upcoming seventh studio album titled “This Is Acting”. This album will include tracks that Sia wrote for other artists and were rejected for one reason or the other. The album will be out on January 29.

Although there is no information about for whom did Sia write this song originally, it sounds as if it was meant for Demi Lovato or maybe Kelly Clarkson. “Unstoppable” sounds so much like Demi’s latest album, the reason many fans are assuming that it was rejected by her. However, after listening to the track, Demi’s fans would wish she had taken the song and included it in her latest album. Anyway, the time is gone now as Sia has already made it her song now.

“Unstoppable” is an energetic song, one that makes you stronger and helps you come out of misery by believing in yourself. It’s a solid track and chances are good that Sia has got a hit at her hands. Whoever rejected the song shouldn’t  have. That’s what you’d be saying after listening it. If you’re Sia’s fan, you’d be happy that someone actually rejected this song so that it can be included in Sia’s latest album. Listen to it below.

Listen to “Unstoppable” by Sia

Post Author: David Watt