“The Days” by Avicci Featuring Robbie Williams

Avicci’s new single is out. “The Days” by Avicci featuring Robbie Williams is a cheerful and sweet pop anthem that initially starts as a soft acoustic guitar melody. The Brit-pop veteran Robbie Williams makes a solid impression as he transforms this acoustic melody into a slick pop anthem with Technicolor synths. “The Days” has all the ingredients to top the charts everywhere Avicci goes with it.

Robbie Williams lends his vocals to the track while making promises about never getting old. It sounds so true when you hear this British legend coming up with a younger-than-ever voice that has a sense of freshness about it and reminding you of summer, of love and of the great fun on holidays. It puts you in a mood when you suddenly ask yourself of the best days of your life that will live forever, never going away from memory.

“The Days” is going to be included in Sweedish artist’s new album titled “Stories”. Avicci has already worked with Aloe Blacc, Mike Einziger, and Incubus for his debut LP. Now he has announced having collaborated with Jon Bon Jovi and Green Day for his new album “Stories” which means it will have reggae and rock elements in addition to pop and techno melodies we have heard already.

Watch “The Days” by Avicci

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz