Ariana Grande Problem

Single Review – ‘Problem’ by Ariana Grande Featuring Iggy Azalea (+YouTube Video)

“I got one less problem without ya”

Ariana Grande is the new pop-offering from Nickelodeon whose first single from her second album has already hit the charts. This ‘good’ girl has brought life to up-tempo of 90s R&B with an exciting upper vocal throughout the song. Big Sean has whispered chorus while Iggy Azalea has chipped in with her powerful voice to make this ‘problem’ sound bigger than life. Listen to ‘Problem’ by Ariana Grande to know how well she soars in between notes until she reaches vocal peak without any ‘problem’.

Although this single has an aggressive upbeat but the lyrics tell a different story as it tries to tackle difficult emotions. Throughout the song Ariana Grande tries to fix and strengthen a relationship that has failed already. Even that the end of this relationship has helped couple remove at least one ‘problem’ from their life, they are still longing.

‘Problem’ could have easily crossed the boundary with explicit lyrics but Grande probably cared for her loyal Nickelodeon fan base.

Watch ‘Problem’ by Ariana Grande Featuring Iggy Azalea


Post Author: David Watt