Single Review: “State Hospital (Atlantic)” by Frightened Rabbit

Frightened Rabbit has been secretly working on their EP. They released it just a few weeks after releasing their last album. Probably the band thought they have more musical gems to air. But the five-track EP fails to impress other than the opening track “State Hospital (Atlantic)”. This track is the only new material that you will find in this EP.

“State Hospital” is probably the best that the Scottish band has ever come up with. The track gives us the best of Scott Hutchinson, band’s lead singer, as he doesn’t hold back at all with its emotional delivery of stories of rape, failure, and solitary. As the track hits its high, all the band members pound the instruments together in unison to create a high pitch spine-tingling roar.

Despite the track being really good as noted by majority of critics, it is unfortunate that it will probably never get the airtime on radio it deserves. The graphical imagery drawn in this and other tracks goes far beyond the permitted boundaries for radio airtime. This is a shame because it’s good music that’s not going to be out there for everyone to listen. Anyhow, you can listen to this opening track below and give us your feedback in the comments box.

Watch “State Hospital (Atlantic)” by Frightened Rabbit

Post Author: David Watt