Single Review: “Shots” by Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons has released a brand new track from their forthcoming album titled “Smoke + Mirrors”. The track titled “Shots” was premiered on Spotify and will be available in stores on February 17. Interscope Records, the label releasing this album, has not planned an iTunes countdown release. If you are looking to download from iTunes, you may have to wait until the band decides to allow a digital purchase through the Apple store.

“Shots” has rock elements but can’t be tagged as a ‘rock’ track. Imagine Dragons is showing huge courage by changing sound with their second album. Singers usually change sounds and experiment new genres later in their career when it is safe. Changing the success recipe in second album is always a risk.

“Shots” talks about life. It detailed how life is full of struggle and provides hope to fight through tough times. With a phenomenal uplifting tempo, the track makes you realize the power of motivation and how it could help one live with a purpose. Dan Reynolds has delivered awesome vocals once again.

Everything about “Shots” seems just about perfect. There is every chance that it will turn out to be a huge hit rather than being just a buzz single.

Listen to “Shots” by Imagine Dragons

Post Author: David Watt