Single Review: “Saturday” by Simple Plan

Simple Plan was once a true ‘teen sensation’ back in early 2000s. Their hits like “Welcome to MY Life” and “Perfect” were played everywhere. The Canadian band toured the world and enjoyed success like they never dreamed of it. But the band saw end of their time back in 2009 when none of their singles were charting anymore and their album sales went down drastically. Their last ever album was released in 2011 and debuted at 52 in US Billboard Top 200. The album was titled “Get Your Heart On”.

That was kind of last thing most people heard about Simple Plan but it wasn’t actually the end of the band. They kept performing at different stages but they didn’t release any new music during that time. The band gave a hint in early 2013 about fifth studio album being in the works already. That never became the news and we didn’t saw an album in that year and the year after. Now the band has made a long-waited come back with their new single “Saturday” and a release timeframe for their fifth studio album. It has taken the Canadian band 4 years to make a comeback. The new single was released through Lava/Atlantic and premiered on iTunes.

“Saturday” is a typical Simple Plan single with a catchy tune. Although the single doesn’t have anything different from what have already heard from Simple Plan, we hope it helps them get back into the music scene. Listen to this bubbly comeback single from Simple Plan below and let us know what you think of it in the comments afterwards.

Listen to “Saturday” by Simple Plan

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz