Single Review: “Ragdoll” by Kaia

Kaia is a UK-based singer/songwriter who has taken the world by surprise with her stunning voice with the release of her debut single “Ragdoll”. She is only 13 years old and her single has already been selected for BBC Introducing South’s Track of the Day.

Kaia tells us story of a girl’s first love in “Ragdoll”. The track takes us through a fascinating journey of love and betrayal. Her vocals are volatile but gentle at the same time, which is what this track is all about. Her ability to write authentic lyrics loaded with the heart-warming emotion deliver a near-perfect poetic arrangement. With her choice of pop-infused melodies, critics are already drawing comparisons to Adele and Emeli Birdy.

Kaia first appeared on scene through a YouTube video of Adele’s hit track “Someone Like You” – a track she learned word by word within 24 hours of when she first listened it. Her cover became an instant hit, giving her thousands of views within a few days. Her new found love for music was nothing hidden from her friends who suggested her to participate in a singing competition in London. She entered the competition and went on to get a place at the finals. She has never looked back ever since and continued releasing covers for popular music tracks for the next two years. This effort was rewarded as she was offered to do a cover as a PR stunt for Emilia Mitiku’s upcoming single. It turned out to be massive. The recording label invited her to meet Emilia on tour.

Kaia started working on her first original single titled “Ragdoll” in 2014 and released it in 2015. She is currently working on her next release.

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Post Author: Asif Mumtaz