Single Review: “Lover” by Kesha

Kesha has been on a role since last summer. She has been releasing new music and talking a lot about it. She has also revealed her music inspiration. Although she is inspired by Stevie Nicks, she doesn’t have any plans to go for an all-jazz music album.

“Lover” was released in November. The track is produced by Schpilkas and Spookey Ruben. Unlike Kesha’s traditional anthems which are more of live-for-today sort of material, “Lover” comes as rather surprise with its darkness and trip-hop inspired tunes. The track is a good listen and it gives Kesha fans something new to listen.

After the initial popularity of Kesha’s “Lover”, she has decided to release its lyric video so that the track can get some more coverage. This lyric video features studio version of the track. There is a chance that Kesha will release “Lover” officially sometime around February. But some critics and music insiders are speculating that Kesha has no plans whatsoever to officially release this song. They believe the track is only a one-off release and it was only meant for giving fans something out of box to see the response. Kesha is still to say anything about the official release of this track. We hope to hear from her soon. As we do, we will let you know.

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Post Author: Asif Mumtaz