Single Review: “Let It Be” by Labrinth

“Let It Be” is the latest single from British singer-songwriter Labrinth, whose real name is Timothy McKenzie. This track is a part of his upcoming second studio album. This new single isn’t exactly a party/club banger like his previous tracks as Labrinth tries to reinvent himself.

Unlike his debut album “Electronic Earth”, this second studio album is going to have less of commercial music, as commented by Labrinth in his latest interview. He believes the new album will be loved by true music fans while annoying those who liked the commercial sounds they heard in previous album.

If you listen to Labrinth’s new single “Let It Be”, you will know that this is different and unique from what Labrinth has released so far. Labrinth has definitely taken a risk by trying to re-invent his sound but still he manages to stay true to himself, which is something that can help the record get some commercial success.

It will be difficult to categorize “Let It Be” as a single-genre song since it shows shades of different genres including gospel and retro. To know what I’m saying, you will have to listen to “Let It Be” yourself.

Watch “Let It Be” by Labrinth

Post Author: David Watt