Single Review: “Grid” by Perfume Genius

Perfume Genius’s frontman Mike Hadreas has already showed us his way of music which focuses on lyrical depth masked by musical simplicity that makes it easy to dive deep into emotion behind each of his tracks. “Grid” is another of those signature Perfume Genius tracks where Mike Hadreas is actually confronting his own demons.

“Grid” is a dynamic track where the songwriter is clearly trying to gain power in situations where he would otherwise surrender, alienate, or simply feel depressed. It is through the song that he generates the power to go against the darkness, refusing to be submissive and giving up. The result of this ultimate fight between inner darkness and desire to dissipate it results in a musical joy. “Grid” is probably the best and the most energetic song from Perfume Genius to date.

Mike Hadreas has used heavy bass and powerful synths to build up the rhythm. A lone drum in the background and repetitive cores set the magical backdrop while a hard-nosed stomp often gets to the top of composition, making the song sound somewhat like band’s other hit track “Queen”.

Watch “Grid” by Perfume Genius

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz